The Anti-bridesmaid's Wedding

Being that I have a very hard time falling into the cookie cutter category. I like to stand out as much as I possibly can with all things that I do (Fashion, school, work, everything). To clear the clouds, by standing out I do not mean I rock the gothic look, or on the contrary wear too much color in hopes to attract a leprechaun. Though there is nothing wrong with either of those looks (in moderation). I did go through a gothic phase my freshman, and sophomore year of high school (Which was interesting). I never however went through the color phase; my favorite colors are black and brown. In fact I try to make a real effort to introduce color into my wardrobe, which has proved easier over the years. Thank you Kate Spade for doing color the right way and showing us whom are afraid of color that color doesn't equal pippy long stocking. I consider my style classic, semi-avant garde, and timeless. I definitely don't mind taking fashion risks, and I definitely don't mind playing it safe sometimes.

There is no doubt that my wedding would be any different. The biggest thing that won't be like most weddings will be that my fiancĂ© and I have decided to opt out of the traditional bridesmaids/groomsman gig. We will both have what will call either (to be determined)...women/men of honor OR honorary guests of the bride/groom. We will still have people to get ready with, and I am still deciding on whether or not to put them all in the same dress to make them stand out from the other guests. But most of the legwork, planning, etc. has been done by yours truly. The biggest reason for us not having the traditional bridesmaid/groomsman is because Chad and I never want to lose sight of why we are there. Through the whole planning process I have made it a real point to make an effort not to get overly stressed, angry, and overwhelmed. These next couple of months leading up to the wedding will and should be the best time of a bride’s life. Instead it typically turns into a hellish shit storm, leading the bride and groom saying weeks before the wedding, "I can't wait to get this over with".

The point of our ceremony is to combine our love eternally, keyword OUR love. Chad and I have put in all the work, love, time, and energy on our relationship. We have built it by ourselves, and we are the only ones that need to be celebrating, and taking credit for that. To be honest before I even got engaged I never really did understand the point of having an excessive amount of friends which really have nothing to do with the combining of your love eternally. I am obviously a minority in that thought because majority of weddings have groomsman, and bridesmaids. I have never been a huge fan of giant, or even medium sized churches, and people only having enough guests to fill the first couple pews. Even if they have a good number of guests the church just literally swallows their guests.

 My advice to brides, do not get caught up in what you THINK you should do, or even worse what other people WANT you to do. This is your day; everyone else's wedding is merely a template. Do what you are comfortable with, and what works best for you, and your groom on your special day. The church Chad and I chose is a very small intimate church the setting is absolutely beautiful. It should hold up to 80 guests which is more than what we have. However, it should end up ironing out well-being that most only REALLY want to come for the reception anyways;). I have always been inspired by JFK Jr.'s wedding it was absolutely perfect, intimate, timeless, classy, and of course with Carolyn Bessette and JFK Jr. in attendance sexy. Thanks for reading:)

-Yours truly till blog do us part <3

Is there anything better in the world?

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