Classy, Tacky, or Cheap. Is a Buffet Appropriate At a Wedding?

With my impending nuptials...Pause. Can we talk about this for a second, when I first got engaged I had a year and a half until my wedding. Now I have just 276 days! Planning a wedding, moving, working two jobs, sweet Jesus take the wheel. My wedding is centered around the idea that I  can have a beautiful wedding under $8,000 dollars. I always thought that I needed to spend $20,000 dollars on a wedding for it to be perfect, not true. For some reason people hear wedding, and they financially lose their minds. With my fiance, and I looking to buy a home after our wedding, pay off student loans, and some other debt, oh and let's not forget honeymoon! You lay everything out and it just does not seem worth it. I have thrown beautiful semi-lavish parties with about half the guests attending my wedding for about $400 so why spend quadruple that. No. But the Jackie Kennedy in me WILL NOT allow me to have a tacky cheap wedding. Inexpensive yes, but never tacky, never that. So I made it my personal mission to make this wedding appear as expensive as I would like, but as inexpensive as I would like.  I will of course keep you all updated with all of my endeavors as time goes on:) ANYWAYS. With that being said being on somewhat of a budget, somethings will need to be cut out. However comma, I will not. I should not. I cannot compromise on a couple things. One of them being, you guessed it. Buffets.

Look hate is a very strong word, maybe even not strong enough in some situations but I in fact strongly dislike buffets at a wedding. Why you might ask. Well let me say this to start every time I hear the word buffet, I think about Golden Corral. I mean I could stop the blog there. Now please do not misunderstand this. I love the Golden Corral. But in fact it is just that it's a corral. A buffet corral. Like bloody cattle waiting to get their food slopped to them in a pan. Another reason I strongly dislike buffets at weddings. Because this is your special day, hopefully the one day of your life that you will remember for the rest of your life. This is the same day that you spent a good chunk of change on a dress you will only wear once. I have looked at the cost difference between buffets, and seated dinners I must say the cost difference is not as steep as I would expect it to be. Moreover, I saw a wedding venue that charged MORE for a buffet. The thought blew me away. So besides the fact that I can't get this image out of my head when I think of buffets >

Judge me.

I just think they are germy, and not to mention awkward. Whenever I venture to the Golden Corral, I do often feel slightly homeless. It is just an awkward process getting up by table numbers or by choice. Careful not to run to fast, as you don't want to look like you have never ate in your entire life, or too slow as to avoid the anorexia look. You stand in line annoyed that it is inching by talking to some randy behind you wishing you could hold your champs in one hand and your plate in another, all to have some skimpy portion of food cafeteria lady plopped on your plate. WTF. You make it down the buffet, you FINALLY sit down. All to realize your food is cold, old, germy, and let's be honest it probably wouldn't have been good even if it were hot -_- Most of us go out to dinner all the time for no reason, and receive table service. You mean to tell me on what of the most important days of your life, you don't want you and your guests to receive table service!?

Beautiful dress. Sad Buffet.

Take this poor bride above for example God forbid she drop something on her dress. No bride should ever be caught rummaging through a buffet. She might as well be at the Golden Corral. Look I am a believer that there is a time and a place for EVERYTHING. However there is a time and place for a buffet, let's just leave it at the Chinese joints, and the Golden Corral. Do you and your guests a favor, shell out the extra couple hundred, because 9 out of 10 buffets suck. If your food is going to suck, the least you can do is not make your guests get up and get it:)

STEER clear! I hope you saw what I did there ;)

-Yours truly till blog do us part <3

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