I'm Not Anorexic, and You're Not Obese

Now unless you truly are anorexic/bulimic or obese, that would be a different situation that this post is not about nor aimed at. This post is to address the issue, that women feel the need to put other women down just because of their size. Women face enough challenges from, men, fashion, and themselves in reference to their bodies without having to deal with other women. Unless you are in the average range, if you're an especially tall thin, or short thin woman, or if you are short and thick or tall and thick this topic probably hits home for you. I have always had to deal with comments about my body type, I am 5'2'' and very very thin. I have always been very small, and no I was not born prematurely. I get my frame from my mom, and from my grandmother. I love my frame, and I love my body despite the comments that I receive about it. It took me a very long time to love my body. I would date guys who told me if I gained 10lbs I would be perfect. No one wants to hear that. I have been called anorexic, toothpick, sticks you name it. Thankfully I was lucky enough to have a loving mother, and father who were able to give me confidence. My mom also like I said had the same frame as me when I was going through most of my bullying, and she was so very helpful to me in dealing with people, and their brazen comments.

I was prompted to do this blog because of a photo a saw by the Dove campaign. Which can be seen there >>>>>>>>> Yes, I am aware that this is an older ad, I am using it more as an example rather "current news". JSYK, I know:). The Victoria's Secret ad was par for the course for me, BUT. I can definitely see how women could be offended or not relate to the campaign. What I did not mind about the Victoria's Secret ad was that it was not attacking anyone body type could there had been some different shape absolutely. But I am pick your battle's type of girl, and I was more happy to see racial diversity and less worried about the different shapes. In the Victoria's Secret ad, the title is "Love My Body" which every woman can benefit from. NOW. Dove responded to the Victoria's Secret ad, with their "Real Beauty" campaign. How can I say this lightly. This shit pissed me off so bad. OK there you go. Couple things, I understand what Dove was trying to do, and I have a great amount of respect for that. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. The black girl, three ladies from the left in the Victoria's secret ad is almost the exact same body type as me. I don't work out, I eat eh not bad but it could be better and has been lately. (Stay tuned for my juicing blogs!). Why, why did this make me so hot. Well the VS ad never attacked anyone's body type, it just didn't give variety of bodies in their ad which isn't a crime it's a preference. In the Dove campaign, they strictly tried to please one group of women. Instead of bringing women together, they responded like Kindergarteners on a recess playground. There was no message, no unity, just the same old shit different campaign ad. Dove in my opinion had an opportunity to bring women together, but instead they took it and did nothing. I am a real woman last time

I checked, I have a vagina, I definitely have a period, once a month 12 months out of the year, I work hard, I'm independent. I would definitely think I qualify as a "real woman". So why isn't my body type featured in that campaign? I don't see any short, naturally really thin women in that ad. I have just as hard of a time finding jeans that fit, as a plus size woman. I face body challenges the same as everyone else. Where am I?

This absolutely kills me.
Women like to pick sides, and instead of standing together. Can we talk about this for a second. Let's. Why do women feel that it is perfectly OK to comment on each others body types. If I had a penny for every person that commented on my NATURAL, thinness me and Warren Buffet would be yachting together. Like I said I have been the same size for my whole life so I am use to it, doesn't mean it's appropriate or not completely annoying but I am use to it. But you never know what mood someone is, how self-conscious they are, or they may already know. Pointing out someone's weight is just rude. What is often overlooked is that people comment a lot of thin people, thinking because they are thin it is perfectly ok to say something. That would be a myth. It's never OK to comment on someones weight, thin, fat, chubby, obese. Whatever the case may be just don't be that person.

What I have never appreciated, or understood was when anyone overweight said they were "curvy". What this all boils down to for me is health. I think that everyone comes in all different shapes, and sizes and thin doesn't mean you're healthy as much as being thing doesn't mean you're about to go into diabetic shock with one foot on the banana peel and one foot in the grave. But I by no means think that women who are overweight should hide behind what they feel like is "thick" or "big boned" yet another myth. I also do not believe that women who are too thin, should be saying that is their natural weight. Again the key is healthy. Stay inside of your BMI, for you height. Not what you think you should weigh. I think it promotes bad health when people who are neither naturally thin, or over weight promote themselves as such. Because there are people who need to lose, or gain weight for their health.
The biggest, and only concern should always and only be health. There are health risks with being too much over weight, or too much under weight. Find healthy ways to achieve your weight goals. Remember crash dieting may take off weight quickly, but it most likely won't keep it off. Don't hide behind lies like, "I'm big boned, "I'm thick". If you are over weight you're overweight address those issues in a healthy way, and for your own health get down to something comfortable for you. Not everyone should be skinny minis, that is not realistic for a lot of women. There is no reason anyone should kill themselves to try to attain something that is not realistic for them. Love your body for all that you have, and all that it is! Commenting on someones body unless you are a spouse (different blog, but even then tread lightly), mother, or a best friend, or if you were asked. Even if you do fall into one of those categories it should still be done in moderation, with respect, grace, and class. If you do not fall into one of those categories, and you have said something about someones body consider yourself rude, classless, brazen, tacky, and quite frankly a bully. Real women come in all different shapes, and sizes. No one size is more beautiful than the other. No one should ever be made fun of for what is naturally theirs. If you gave most women an option I bet you one million dollars they probably wouldn't have chosen to have the things that you make fun of them for. Think about that before you comment on someones body. Beauty varies from individual to individual, is in the eye of the beholder, and comes from within:)

-yours truly till blog do us part <3

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