Lack of Confidence? Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

 The day before yesterday my fiance asked me, "babe why is it that men get along so much better than women, why do you put each other down when we build each other up". Well isn't that the question of the century. That question was one of the many things that inspired this post, and was a very good valid question. I told him it was because most of the time it isn't coming from a bad place per se. Every woman wants to feel beautiful, and special in her own way. Most women want to stand out to some extent. Confidence will not only help you out with your looks, but maybe just as equally important in the job market especially in this economy with more people looking for work, than there are jobs.  Confidence in the right amount can never be a bad thing, I biggest advice is that if you don't have some. Find it, or fake it. For example imagine we are at a medium sized party, we have four people playing beer pong. Three guys, and one girl. You're the girl. So there's already more attention on you, and in some respects you are the lady of the hour, at least in that part of the house:)
SOOO.  The door opens, the cool breeze gets let in to the relief of the hot sweaty crowd. We all look back to see who is joining the shin dig, and it's a male and a female. The male is wearing exact same thing as your beer pong partner, and that dress you bought today at Papaya. You know the last one in your size. Yeah she has on the exact same one, and to your disappointment she doesn't look half bad in it. You know that necklace you wanted from Charlotte Russe, that you should of gotten when you saw it, and by the time you went back it was gone. Yeah she has that on too. She's comes in with a case of bud light, all the guys greet her thank her for the beer. Yeahhhhh, no one cares about you anymore. Your beer pong partner is good friends with the guy that comes in, and he greets you both that laugh about how they look like the peppermint twins, and your little friend compliments you on your dress and how you both have the same great taste.

You were hoping she was a bitch so you had a legitimate reason to hate her, but she's not she's kind as can be. Bummer for you. That is the difference between men, and women. Guys don't care about being the stand out guy, they care about fun, pussy, and their bro's. He probably got dressed 5 minutes before the party. Women on the other hand, spend hours coordinating shoes, with hair, hair with makeup, makeup with the outfit, the outfit with our body, and our body with our mood. That white dress we spent hours shopping for, well the day of the party we got our period, and now we can't wear it. Women spend hours on their appearances, dressed to impress. It doesn't excuse bad behavior, nasty comments, and hatred. But you can certainly understand the frustrations of a woman.

This different personality type is hereditary to women, while I don't think that all women are this way but I definitely think every woman has experienced this moment at some point in their life. Some women are crazy jealous, while some women experience it in the average range, and some women don't hardly at all get jealous. I think what it also boils down to is confidence. I am a believer in confidence, and I am a believer in that confidence can make or break your physical beauty. I have personally dated guys, that are certainly no Billy Zane's BUT their confidence was through the roof. I am a softie for confidence, like I have mentioned before I do believe in most things in moderation. Confidence is definitely up there. You can absolutely have too much confidence, and by that point you are just a douche. Confidence speaks for itself, and remember less is more. Confidence doesn't mean wearing a neon dress, or being the loudest bitch at the party. Calmarse. A great way to build your confidence in what would have otherwise been a normal day, would be to wear lingerie underneath your normal clothes. If you haven't done it, it's a must. Find something you love about yourself, and enhance it. Beautiful eyes wear makeup that enhances them. Nice tits, don't hide em embrace them. There is something beautiful about everyone, finding yours can really help bring out your confidence. Understanding that no one is perfect is a great way to help with your confidence. Don't live your life through someone else's lens. Though someone may seem perfect to you, everyone in life is fighting a hard battle in their own way.

If you are in a relationship, and you are lacking confidence. This can actually cause harm to your relationship. It's like termite damage, it's slow at first sometimes you don't even notice the home you built is falling apart. The next thing you know the home is not even livable. No confidence in a marriage? Left alone it will tear your marriage apart.  How can tell if lack of confidence is ruining your relationship? Stay tuned, I will have a blog dedicated to that.This attitude radiates through the daily life of a woman. Sure we all want someone we don't have bigger boobs, flatter stomach, rounder ass, or hell just at least to even have ass in general. Back fat who wants it. Acne, bacne. Bags, and flab. We ALL having something we'd like to pass on to our worst enemy. But that's not real life. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it shouldn't be judged, it varies from individual to individual, and it comes from within.

With all this being said lacking confidence is never a good thing. That goes for both women, and men. Lacking confidence can lead to problems in your relationship, not so great job interviews, inability to snag and keep a partner. It can lead to jealously which is a nasty trait. My advice. If you don't have any confidence find some. If you have confidence make sure it is not over done, and not douchey. No one wants to be around someone who who constantly talks about themselves. Being overconfident is almost just as bad as not being confident at all, actually I would argue that it is worse. If you are having a conversation with someone, and you find yourself talking more about yourself than getting to know the other person, you're probably a little overconfident. Now in all fairness sometimes people don't even realize they are doing it.  So just in case you didn't get the memo confidence is everything. If you don't believe in yourself who in the hell will.

-yours truly till blog do us part<3

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