Leading People On. For Christ Sake, Please Don't Be That Person. BEWARE BAD KARMA ALERT!

Segwaying out of my last relationship blog post (the guy that takes FOREVER to return calls/texts). Let us  jump into being led on. Guys, girls, young, and old. Most all of us have been lead on most like more than once. Is it easier to tell someone what it is from the beginning? Hell yes. But if something makes too much sense chances are we aren't doing it. I'm going to break out the 5 W's (who, what, where, when, and why).

Lets start with the "who" shall we. Who leads people on? Uh everyone! Guys, girls. Don't be fooled, and think this is a guy thing. It is not. We all have done it at some point, some of us have done is harmlessly, while most of us have done it intentionally. Don't worry we'll cover the "why" later.

What. What is leading someone on. Let me clear this up. Because I myself have been lead on, and in my case the guys have never owned up to it. Leading someone on, is when you intentionally make someone believe that their role in your life, is one thing when in fact you have no intentions of having that person in your life in that aspect. Or even at all -_-. Leading someone on in a really mean thing to do, when it comes to emotions and human nature it is easy enough to get confused and hurt without someone leading you on or flat out lying to your face.


I am a big believer in the truth. This may sound obvious. But there are an unimaginable amount of liars amongst us. There is nothing worse to me than a liar. What is the point. Relationships are not difficult they're only made difficult by lies, fairy tales, and fallacies. I have mentioned this before, and I will mention it again. A relationship is JUST A RELATIONSHIP. Have fun don't take it too too seriously, if you are crazy in a basic relationship what person guy or girl would remotely think about taking it to the next level? I wouldn't. If you're constantly single, you may in fact be crazy. But no worries there are steps you can take to chill the fuck out.

Where and When? Typically people who lead people on typically do so in a relationship, I have not seen situations (but it does happen) of someone leading someone on all the way to marriage. This mostly happens when a spouse is in the closet. It typically happens in the beginning of a relationship, and won't typically go any further than that. If you are lucky the person leading you on will only do so temporarily.

Now to the biggest. WHY?! I hate to break it to you, and this is probably not what most of you want to hear. But in most cases when anyone leads you on, it's because they want the booty. You're most likely nothing more than an item of convenience. Sometimes someone could be unintentionally leading you on, but most of the time they do have some ulterior motive. So beware. How can you prevent from being lead on? You can't. But if you are in the early stages of a relationship make sure you are not giving up anything that you are not willing to lose.

Whatever, you know we were all thinking it. Not to mention it's true.

How can you tell you're being led on? It is hard to tell if you are being led on, especially if the person leading you on is very good at it. But some of the tall tell signs are distance. If you notice the person only contacts you to hang out, and doesn't take you on "real" dates, just a date with the sheets you might be being led on. Don't be fooled by the fluff. By this I mean all the sweet talk, the you're so special, best I ever had, etc. It is hard but always try to keep a clear view of everything.

My advice. Own who you are! No matter what. If all you want is sex from someone. Just say that, there is nothing wrong with that. I once was seeing a guy, and before we got too serious he told me that he liked me, but only was looking to just hook-up, hang out, and just have fun. This may sound like a weird set up, but guess what. It's not you know why, because I knew exactly what was going on in that relationship. He had enough respect for me to only enter that relationship with my consent, and I was able to do so on my own terms without worrying about what was going on, does he like me, does he want more. There was no confusion. This world has a lot of different people with all types of different convictions, I guarantee if you are honest about your wants and needs you will find someone compatible and you will have a healthy relationship instead of a toxic one full of lies. Thanks for reading. Until next time.

-Yours truly till blog do us part <3

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