That guy that takes FOREVER to call, or text back. (why bother?!) Don't be that guy.

There are a couple ways to handle guys (keyword guys men don't play these types of games), who takes hours or even days to text or call back. The worst way to handle it to be like the poor crazy lady below, who looks like she will gladly remove one or both of your testicles. Even though she has only known you for 48 hours, and you haven't texted her back in 5 minutes. If this is you, you especially need to keep reading on. 

Don't be like her ^
Chances are if he is taking forever to text you back, he most likely doesn't want to talk to you at all. Being crazy about it will only push him away more. Crazy is only good in two places, moderation and the bedroom. Majority of women are semi-crazy, where the crazy lies dormant like a hibernating bear, waiting for his honeycomb in the spring. A good chunk of us are bat shit crazy, and select few of us are actually sane. Kind of. With that being said, the vast majority of us who are coo coo for coco puffs chances are there was a male who pushed the crazy out of us, and that bear neverrrrr quite went back in the den. Men do some jacked up things, stupid things, things that do not even make sense to them. For example men like to mess with our heads, they may not want anything to do with you, but they will tell all their friends to stay away from you just because they don't want anyone else to have you. That's dumb. Men are in fact just as crazy as women, the only difference is that men handle it better then women. We lose our shit because once a month for about a week, our poor body goes into what feels like pre-mature labor, and for some of possibly even active labor. We don't have time for that shit, we have bigger fish to fry, and better tampons to try. We are just a little bit more emotional, don't ever let a male call you crazy (unless you are in that case just admit it, pop your pills, and move on). But by no means do not let a man call your crazy, or attempt to change the subject when you are being legit in your claims.

I digress.

How most of us handle it.
Anywho, it is ok to address it. Everyone has certian expectations in a relationship, and it is ok to voice those expectations. In fact I would highly encourage you to do so. TIMING, is E-senstial. You cannot get angry with someone in a relationship who does not know what you expect of them, and this goes both ways. If you are within the first month of your relationship, and the male in question (yes he is in question we still are not sure about him yet). Is taking forever, and a day to text you back then give him what he is giving to you. When he finally DOES text you back don't rush to text him back. You want to see WHY he is taking along time. Is it because he doesn't want to smother you, he is busy with work, or just with life. How do you know you ask?! Good question! Give him time text/call him back but don't make it your first priority. If he took two days to text you back let it sit for about a day. If he texts you between that time again, that is a good sign. That means he does in fact care to some extent, and it could possibly be worth making the effort for.

As your dating life with this male develops you can either continue this until you get to the point of being in a relationship, or (highly reccomended) after a couple weeks of that just simply ask him. "Hey you seem pretty busy, is there a good time to text you is everything ok?". Depending on how he responds is where you will go from there. *Note. If when you are around him, and he takes two seconds to text someone back. LEAVE. GET OUT. RIGHT NOW. GO. IT'S THE END OF YOU AND HIM (JoJo?) Just leave. That would be your queue. Curtain. Auf Weidersehen. Fin.

Guys that take forever to take back is not a relationship death wish. However remember it is JUST a relationship, or maybe not even that. You are not married, you have not legal binding, I hope you aren't living together or have children together. If so that is a whole different blog. Have fun in a relationship, frequency of texts and calls may not be as important as the quality of them. Before entering any relationship with anyone always make sure that you address all of the issues before you enter it. That is the time to do so NOT when you are already in a relationship. That would be the WRONG time. The above is how you can deal with that if you want to deal with it. The following is how I have dealt with it in that past.

How you should handle it.

You may have already guessed it. How do I deal with it? I don't -_-. My mom always taught me everyone's time is worth something. If I take the time out to text you, OH you wanna take two decades to text me back, like are you stupid. How about no. No body cares. Not worth my time. In my experience S.Bobby, and I have handled this issue pretty much the same way. However in select few cases I have been known to make an effort. My advice. Give it a couple weeks, make a small effort. If it doesn't get better let it go. If you're already in a relationship, and he grows distant, make your expectations known if they aren't met. LEAVE. You deserve better, or at the very least someone that will talk to you. Unless your breath stinks. Just kidding:) Kind of. But seriously, you're a WOMAN don't EVER SETTLE. Until next time:)

-Yours truly till blog do us part <3

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