The Morning After: Life After the One Night Stand

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Yes let's. Let's talk about sex. More specifically a one night stand, and not this kind....

Poor person whoever you are.

Look, I am a true believer that most everything is good in moderation. One night stands being one of them, one or two three max in a lifetime. I mean it you definitely do NOT want to turn into a teenage truck stop. If you have already had more than three, this might not be the blog for you, and you may in fact have a one way ticket to slutsville. You know you are having too many one night stands, when you're outside of a club talking to a guy, and the bouncer tips off the cop because they think you are a hooker. Too far. Way too far. If you are over the age of 21, and you are responsibly sexually active, there really isn't anything wrong, nor should you feel guilty for having a good night and going home with someone.

The MOST important thing is to MAKE SURE YOU ARE PROTECTED. I am a believer that if you truly don't want to get pregnant, trap a man, or whatever reason you have for waiting to have children until marriage you can do so. To some it may be unrealistic but to me it is responsible, not only to your future and the future of your unborn child, but more importantly your sexual health. Just because you are on birth control doesn't mean you shouldn't use condoms. You're sexual health is very important, using condoms can not only prevent you from having an unplanned pregnancy but also protect your sexual health. Even if you don't get pregnant, and you are planning on having children later you may get an STD that prevents you from having children later, cause you're vagina to smell like the "bog of eternal stench (Yes, that was a Labyrinth reference)", look like a toad, or in the worst case scenario kill you.

I'm in a constant state of SMH's & face palms.

Along with protected your sexual health you should also proctect your life, if you go back to someones house grab the address and text it to a friend so they know where you are at. Find out where they live, if it is in bum fuck Egypt, where no one can hear your screams but you, not the best idea. JUST IN CASE. You never know, if you watch Lifetime you know exactly what I mean -_-.  If you can you can also go back to a hotel, that would probably be the safest route. Lastly pay attention to your gut, if someone seems creepy even if they're hot probably not the person to go back with don't ever take any chances. I'll say it once, and I'll say it again safety matters! That is the first, and most important requirement for a healthy, fun, safe sexy one night stand. I have broken this blog into five steps, to not only help you enjoy your one night stand but also your life after:)


The second step to ensure you have an enjoyable one night stand, is to pick a guy or girl that you're attracted to but you can tell you would never date. Might as well have your cake and eat it too;). Why might you ask? Because anyone you are having a one night stand with might not be dating material, and no that is not calling the kettle black that includes yourself. We all know that douchey guy, or the ditsy girl that is super hot but that we would never date because they are just that. Those are the people that you should target for your one night stand, again because you are just having fun.

Don't get too drunk, you want to enjoy but remember your night:)

The third step is to have fun. To ensure you are having fun, again make sure you are protecting yourself to avoid unwanted pregnancy, and STD's. You can't have fun if you are worrying about those two things while you're hip thrusting. But if you don't have fun what's the point. Don't make it your mission to go home with someone, because then you will end up settling. Never that. Don't ever settle. It should be a little spontaneous.

Let me start by saying life goes on.The fourth step is to make sure you do not feel guilty, don't be yourself up. If you are a mature adult following all the right steps there is nothing you should feel guilty about. One night stands are not something that you should frequent often, but they can be good if you do not want a FWB or a boyfriend/girlfriend. Sometimes you just want to simply get some, and if you are doing it in a healthy way there is nothing and shouldn't be anything wrong with that. Chances are you are not a virgin, so why hold out and be an angry bitter bitch because you haven't gotten any in months. Again don't plan it out, and go into the night to find that, but know yourself, and be honest with yourself. If you have needs that extend past one night, it may not be for you. Just know what you want, not knowing and ending up in someones bed will throw you into a guilt trip upon yourself.

PLEASE for Christ sake wrap it up, you'll have nothing to worry about if you protect yourself.

The fifth and final step to ensure you have a good life after your one night stand, is to make sure you do not call or text after your adventurous night. Heck don't even exchange numbers, you should really try to let your one night stands stick to your one night stands. Don't have breakfast in the morning, don't take a shower together (unless you're getting freaky). Hey stop it. If you want a friends with benefits, that might be a different person that could offer that to you. A one night stand may not be the best choice. You wouldn't choose a bicycle as your choice of transportation to go cross country, so a one night stand as your future FWB may also not be the best choice for all that. You should essentially go into a one night stand with zero, ZILCH, NONE, NO expectations.

Don't be a pyscho.
Men this is for you too, remember this is a one night stand, you probably most likely do not want to be stuck with each other the rest of your lives. WRAP IT UP. While yes women there are some crazy as men who have punch holes in condoms, yes it is true I swear. Google it if you don't believe me. But this is mostly an issue that women are the result of. As per one of my previous blogs, WOMEN ARE CRAZY. They will try and trap your ass in a heart beat. They may say they're on birth control, they can't get pregnant, they'll take the morning after pill. BLAH BLAH BLAH. They want the "D", and sometimes they want the baby, you, and the child support. Don't add complications to your future relationships that you might actually want to be with the rest of your lives, for one night of pleasure. That one night of pleasure can turn into a lifetime of hell. You never know when you're going to meet the right person, just wrap it up -_-.

This has happened to more people than you think. SMH.

Now. If you are going to continue a sexual relationship after a one night stand. Which if they are really good might be worth considering. BUT make sure you know it is strictly business. Don't let yourself fall for that person and vice versa. This types of relationships can be fun (FWB), if they are both mutually respected, and they stay just that fun. Make sure you are honest with you FWB try to just stick to each other. NO MULTIPLE PARTNERS -_-. If one of you does sleep with someone else let that other person know, especially if you didn't use protection. Be honest so that you both know what to expect. Set the ground rules from the start, and STICK TO THEM. See it can be fun:) One night stands don't have to be grimy, and slutty. If you take the right steps it can be enjoyable. I wish you all a happy, healthy, fun, adventurous, sex life. Thanks for reading. Until next time.

-Yours truly 'till blog do us part <3

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