What Women Want: Are You The Perfect Man?

This post has came by as a special request, and men this one is for you:). Men make women out to be very complicated, which isn't always false. But men are also pretty complicated. Which can make figuring out what each other wants, very difficult. There are things that will vary from female to female, BUT these will be what most women look for in a man. Well let me disclaim that, this is what most women SHOULD be looking for in a man. The first step to becoming a perfect man for a woman. Again disclaimer, when I say perfect I am referring to the perfection for that significant other, this does not mean you are perfect but perfect for someone.

OK. So. The first and most essential step to becoming that special man for a woman is just that. Being a man. You must be a man, to be in a committed monogamous relationship, and don't even think about being married without stepping both feet into manhood. There is a big difference between a man, and a boy. No woman wants to be with a man unless you are, Mary Kay Letourneau. But in most cases I haven't met very many women that aim to be with a boy. We want a man, a real man. Which segways me perfectly into the second thing women want.

No games. (Now of course most all these things go both ways, but we are assuming that you have found the right girl and you are trying to figure out if you posses the qualities to be with her). Men play games, the sooner you guys admit that you play games, take ownership for them, is the sooner that you can move forward as a man. Playing games is a stage most guys go through mostly when they are young. Let me clarify what playing games is. If you take a girl out on a date, like YOU ask her. You pay, take her out again, and then maybe once more, and you have no intentions of making her your girlfriend you are only "dating" her for the pussy. That would be a game. If you DO want to date her, but you just aren't sure because you haven't quite exhausted that fine piece of ass you keep hooking up with on Thursday nights, so instead you refuse to commit to either one. That would also be a game. I think you get it:)

The third thing that is so so so very important to being that man women want. Is the love and respect. If you truly love someone you respect them. No woman wants to be hidden, take pride for her speak of her highly, and never throw her under the bus. She's your best friend, and you should treat her as such. Every woman, just wants love, respect, and honesty. That's really it. I know you were probably expecting this to be obnoxiously long, with tons of information. But those three things are the root to happiness, and longevity in a relationship. It starts from men, but is also a two way street. It really is that simple.

I believe that there is no reason relationships should be difficult, and/or complicated. If you are honest, treat that person with respect, and you love them the way they deserved to be loved. You will get happiness, and all those things back in return. That is the bases for what women want, of course within reason good style, financial stability, great looks etc. but I didn't include those things because those things aren't the definition of love. Though there are many people that think that's what it is, it most definitely is not. But those three things are what real women want. Women want a love like Wallace and Edward, Jack and Rose, Allie and Noah, and my personal favorite Queen Gorgo and Leonidas. If I had to give an example of how to treat a woman it would be them, it really doesn't get any better than that. He looked to her for guidance, and help, reassurance, and faith. He was never ashamed of her, she was his Queen. We want a great timeless love. Boys don't sell yourself short by playing games, and not being the best you can be. You will never know the life you can have with the person you love. It is much better than anything you could possibly imagine. So that's it. That's what we are looking for. That's what women want. That's all there is, there isn't anymore.

-yours truly till blog do us part <3

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