Does Your Significant Other Check Out Other People In Front of You? This Post Is for You!

Unless you never happened to look at your boyfriend/girlfriend while you are out and about round other people. Chances are you have probably seen them looking/checking someone else out. I think I will preface this post by saying if you think you are the only person that your significant other is attracted to you are bat shit crazy. So it's only human nature that you will see your significant other look at another man/woman. Now I understand that a lot of people lack confidence in this department. Catching your significant other checking someone else out can definite piss anyone off if they gawk, look twice, or look too hard. For example, my Chadder tots. He's looked before but he looks, and then looks away. I rarely ever see him, and when I do I jokingly give him a hard time. But on the contrary I have looked at other people as well. It doesn't mean I want to leave Chad, be with someone else, etc. I am simply just looking.I saw a study that said, women spend more time checking out other people than men. So don't be so quick to jump on your guy.

Tips of advice to those in a situation where your significant other is looking. If you are on the looking end, make sure that you are respectful of your significant other. You have to be aware that looking at someone else, can greatly intimidate your girlfriend/boyfriend. Keep the look discrete, simple, and quick. NEVER look back, or say something. Just keep that between you, yourself, and God. IF you are caught, start spewing out random heart felt things. You've been caught, do everything you can to keep yourself out the dog/kitten house. Try to keep your looking to a minimum. If you notice that you have a hard time keeping your eyes off others, try to make sure you are engaging with your significant other more. Talk more with them, that way your attention is taken off of other people. If you are on the catching end, of your significant other looking at other people. Try not to look too hard at them when you are in an area with a lot of people. In some ways is like looking at the Sun. You knew that shit was gonna hurt your eyes, but you looked anyways. Try not to open Pandora's box of shit. If you so HAPPEN to glance over and catch them slippin, and you notice them looking to hard. Try not go bat shit crazy. If even the few glances bother you, then bring it up to him/her in a way that is calm and not argumentative. Mention that you know it is natural, but if he/she could try to not look as much.
If you know your guy/girl and they typically do not look don't smite them for looking a few times. Let it go. You are not the only attractive person in the world, he/she maybe mostly attracted to you but that doesn't mean you are the only one they find attractive. Moreover, don't TRY to catch them slippin. If you are walking the mall, and you see a girl who has a nice ass, beautiful face, big boobs. If you noticed her chances are so will your guy. Get over it. Likewise for men, you know when a guy looks good, don't blame your girl for looking. Nothing wrong with window shopping, as long as you don't go in and buy anything. Remember, NO ONE wants to date a crazy ass person. Don't be so damn nit picky. Relax. Have fun. Chances are if you are all you claim to be, he/she won't even have time/want to look. At the same time, you do need to have self respect, we all know when it's an innocent look versus disrespectful. Chances are most of the time it's innocent. As long as it's just a few times, and it's done respectfully, it's really just human nature. So don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. You know what giving your significant other a hard time about looking will do? It'll make them wish they were with the person they were looking at.

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