That Moment When You Start Dating Someone, and Suddenly Everyone Else Wants Them Too...

Oh really. You want to keep flirting after you find out he's taken. Let's not.
Just because this is human nature, doesn't mean it doesn't make me want to smack a bitch. LOOK. I get it. I get it I really do. Once you start dating someone they naturally become more attractive. This applies to not only dating couples, but engaged, and definitely married as well. My Chadder tots, and I have totally been the victims of this. I say victim like I got stabbed, but you get it. Any who. I will open this blog with a story. Chad and I love this local pizzeria we have here, that is restaurant by day and bar/good time at night. Hey it's a small town, we have a lot of 2'fers. So. We were at the restaurant/bar/wanna be club but can't be because of city code, on our favorite night karaoke night. Hold on. Pause. Can we talk about this for a second. I had never karaoke'd if that's a word. Until I had met Chad. I know I know. So the first time he took me I was mortified when he actually wanted to do it, he did "The Bad Touch" by The Bloodhound Gang. Killed it. It was amazing. So that's definitely "his" song in my eyes, and for some of my friends as well. FF to the night of this topic. Well I pushed Chad into singing he wasn't really in the mood for it that night, but I was so he was haha. He sang it, nailed it as always and got a big applause from the audience.

A couple guys at the bar, asked him if he would do another one. Like I said he just really wasn't up to it that night, so I pushed him into it once again. While he was up there singing another song, the guys who asked him to sing again approached me, and asked my name. I didn't catch on at first. But after a couple minutes I realized that they had wanted Chad to sing so they can get me alone. Chad came back, happy that he had sang again and was all excited. But he could tell something had happened while he was gone. He knows me, and he saw my face. I told him nothing, the guys were still there and I didn't want to start any problems or ruin our evening. No. This doesn't fly with Chad once he knows somethings up, he's got to know what it is. So I told him. Now my Chadder tots is very sweet, kind, easy going, and mellow. Not a whole lot makes him angry, upset, and I have seen him yell ONE time. So when I saw him turn into a raging bull, I was scared for those guys. It took every tactic I could to get him to calm down. I mean everything. He was pissed. I completely understood. So we had one more drink, and called it a night.Why do people do this. Human nature? I know we have all experienced dry spells where we go a really long time without dating someone, and the few fish we snag are well dinky -_-. THEN.

 All of a sudden we are settled, in a committed relationship, and every person decides to come out of the word work. The ex, the ex that screwed you over and now wants to apologize. Every guy that seemed to ignore you every other day of the week, is now suddenly interested. Just pretty much everyone. Well it took me a while to come up with a theory of why this happens. I think it is because of how we carry ourselves. I blogged about confidence, and how important it is. You can attract a vast number of people by being confident. Ass holes get a lot of women, mostly because of how they carry themselves. We all love confident people. When you are in a relationship, and you are happy you carry yourself differently, you have confidence. When someone who thinks they are attractive walks by you and they think you should be attracted them in return, and you show them absolutely no attention. It's like a mouse not being afraid of a lion. They do a second take, like really that person didn't just look at me. What it does is it peeks their interest. They want to know more about the person that doesn't care. Who are they. What are they about. What do they like. Most importantly. why don't they care.

We have all to some sort of extent wanted something that we can't have. That most definitely includes people who are already in committed relationships. Good guys are hard to find. We you see a married guy, you know he in some form is a good guy. But you can't have him. For some people they don't take "no" for an answer, and they don't care whether that person is taken, married, or whatever. They will find a way to have them, even if it is just to prove that they can. Which is just sad. I'm not a jealous person, so when Chad gets hit on or someone tries to cross the line into flirtville I just laugh to myself, and take it as a compliment. I know no one will ever have him but me. I am his, and he is mine. That however doesn't go for a lot of people. Especially women. A good chunk of women are wildly jealous, and the slightest look will set them the fuck off right onto jealous road. Understandable to some extent. But do remember confidence is hot, jealously is not.

This can be hugely frustrating to someone who's significant other gets hit on a lot. If it bothers you my best advice is that you stop letting it bother you. People will be people. You can''t help what they are going to. As long as your significant other does not respond to the affection in a brazen way, and more than what needs to be necessary. You really have nothing to worry about. Don't get ready to punch someone, have some class. It does not need to go that far. So three things. One if you are being hit on, and you are in a relationship and that person is present. Be polite as possible, you can respond with something witty like. "Thank you my girlfriend/boyfriend thinks so too". That way if acknowledges  your significant other, and tells them you're in a relationship, AND they should get the hint. WIN WIN WIN. I love those scenarios. If you are being hit on QUICKLY tell them you have a significant other, it should be in your first line of response. Do not let the conversation develop, or else you will have a very sticky situation to get out of. Two. If your significant other is getting hit on, don't let it bother you. You never know that person may genuinely think they are single, or worse not see the ring. I know I know, whatever. Let it go. Three. Stay hot. If you are getting hit on in front of your significant other you are definitely doing something right:)

-yours truly till blog do us part <3

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