The "UGGly" Truth About Your Hypocrisy, and The Reality of UGG's!

There has been an article circulating  via social media written by Zac Johnson called "UGG's and Their 'UGGly' Reputation". I own a pair of UGG boots, so when I saw it I had to read it. My initial reaction after reading the article was, no shit Sherlock Holmes. So most of the people posting the article on Facebook were saying how they do not support the UGG brand anymore, or they will not be purchasing UGG's for the holiday's as they had previously planned to do blah blah blah. Mind you most of these people are the same people who own leather boots, or currently consume meat. I digress. So Mr. Johnson briefly talks about UGG as a brand, and then he dives right into "The UGGly Reputation and Truth About UGG's", which in a very brief nutshell consists of him declaring that the the wool is attached to the skin. Wow, now that's ground breaking -_-. NOW. I know I expect a little too much of the general public. BUT. When I was considering buying this expensive item, as I do whenever I am purchasing an investment piece I do my homework. I personally do not mind shelling out money to pay for quality items, but if I can find a dupe I will definitely go for it. Before I owned my pair of UGG's I owned about three pairs of knock offs that typically only lasted me a season or two max.

So I did my homework to see the difference, and what made knock off UGG's not as great as the real deal was the fact the the outside of the boot was not real leather. In doing the research, this was the essential difference. If you own a fake pair of UGG boots, and you grab the outside of the boot, and you grab the inside lining they will separate from each other. This is what makes them less expensive. Most of the time the wool on the inside is real, but the outside hide/leather in the case of the UGG boot is "seuded" on the fakes but it is made of man made materials. Now call me crazy, and correct me if I'm wrong but if you own suede or leather boots, the only difference is that is doesn't have the wool/fur attached to it. It is still the skin. Ahh yes the hypocrisy is beginning, but WAIT there's more:).  He then talks about the lack of humanity that goes into the skinning of the sheep. Now unless the sheep are alive, I don't understand how there can be a inhumane way of skinning a dead sheep? Moving on. Furthermore, the sheep are NOT bread simply to make UGG boots. That would be entirely too expensive, and wasteful. The fur/skin is actually a by product of what otherwise would of been a wasted part of the animal.

He uses the oh so credible Wikipedia to point out once again that, "UGG's are make from the skin of the sheep, and therefore, the sheep are killed to make them. I used to think that the wool was painlessly sheared from the sheep, but I was wrong. There is great pain and animal cruelty involved in making UGG boots". Firstly, no one told you ignorantly think that sheep were getting haircuts every so often, to produce millions of UGG boots to the world. I mean come on, is common sense still too much to ask for? Secondly, he needs to learn to place his aggression exactly where it needs to be. UGG gets the hide/fur combo as a by product from the slaughterer. If there is any mistreatment which I'm confident that there probably is. That wouldn't be on their end. Not to say that UGG couldn't maybe push their producers to practice more humane animal treatment, but the law doesn't require it therefore UGG can only push so much. Regardless, even if UGG stopped producing the wool business would continue with or without UGG. Also, that is not to say before they reach slaughter that they are treated always humanely. Let me pause this for a second to point out, most every product that is produced for the masses is violation of some sort of ethical code. Whether it be overworked under paid workers, sweat shops, child labor, inhumane treating of animals etc. I find that the people who do the most complaining are typically in violation of the most things. If you buy any clothes from Chine, Taiwan, or any country without strict labor laws. You are not only contributing to inhumane activity, but also you are not supporting American infrastructure. If you buy a product that is not produced by yourself, or by a small local vendor chances are whether you are purchasing UGG's or not you are contributing to ethics violations. There's another dose of reality for you. That darn jagged little pill.

Moving onward. I think this would be the PERFECT time to say that I do NOT support the inhumane treatment of animals, nor any unethical practices in the production of animal products, textiles, food, etc. I absolutely think that something needs to be changed with how animals are treated.  BUT I also know that liking a Facebook page, sharing a Facebook article, or not buying that pair of leather riding boots will not have a profound effect on the way animals are treated. This is because leather products, suede's, etc. are not the only products that can cause animals harm. Even if I know it won't have an effect globally, the only way I could mentally support not wearing leather is to not use any products produced by animals. I personally can't bitch about not wearing leather and fur, and go have a hamburger and a milkshake. That would ignorant, and slightly mental. I do not support killing animals for sport, or just for their skin, but if the animal is killed humanely and the whole animal is used I do support the use of the animals and the use of all of their by products.

Now it's time for another dose of reality. This time about your hypocrisy. The reason I choose to still wear UGG's is because unless I, or you are a raw vegan. You're a hypocrite. I am personally not a hypocrite therefore I choose to still wear and purchase UGG's. If you own a wool sweater, scarf, turtleneck, this is all still the same thing. Even if your sweater is only 25-50% wool. You are still contributing to the same market that doesn't always treat animals ethically, and humanely. The same wool in your scarf, is the same wool on UGG's. Quite frankly if you want to talk ethics, let's talk ethics. You who claim you want to make an impact? Be a vegan, or even better a raw vegan. Don't try to look cool for your friends on Facebook, by sharing an article or "liking" the we hate UGG boots web page. Cool, awesome you have done absolutely and completely nothing. Here is your third dose of reality. Chances are you are NOT a vegan. Even if you are a vegetarian this still applies to you. If you choose not to support the UGG brand, but you are not a vegan you are a hypocrite, and your opinion about animal mistreatment is nothing more than hot air. Not being a vegan does not mean you can't have an opinion on animal mistreatment, it just means that you will look rather stupid having it.

If you consume dairy products for example you are a hypocrite. Let me explain something that a lot of people tend to look over. Human females though some have large breasts, and you may think there is milk in there. Wrong. Breast milk is only produced once a woman becomes pregnant. The same goes for animals. So if you think some dairy cow is just chillin in a green field, and old McDonald comes out in his flannel shirt, chewing on straw and milks the cow into tin bucket your wrong. Dairy cows live an AWFUL life, they are artificially inseminated then once they give birth their children are immediately taken from them. They are continually kept pregnant. Cows are also extremely maternal, and suffer greatly from being separated from their young. After 5-7 years of life in this torturous cycle they are then slaughtered, even though their lifespan is up to 25 years. The milking machines also cause diseases like mastitis. Love eggs, omelets, cake? A similar story goes for the production of eggs. Plastic bags, tires, shampoo, toothpaste, even sugar. All are considered animal based products. Oh and the sheep that you say claim to care so much about so much so not to buy UGG boots, eat margarine? It contains by products from those same sheep after they were slaughtered.

Animal based products are very very very hard to avoid. You may not eat meat, but consuming dairy is still part of that process. You may not agree with UGG, but if you hate so much that the skin is still attached why are you the same person that consumes chicken with the skin attached? Because you are a hypocrite, because when a fad comes along about hating a brand because of animal cruelty you hop on the bandwagon to make it seem like you care, when in reality you don't. Veganism is the only effective way to ensure that you are not consuming, or wearing, or using any animal based products which in return would put a huge damper on the animal based products production infrastructure. If you are going to say something and have an opinion go ahead be my guest, but don't be a hypocrite do something about it. I guarantee even if enough people got together, and UGG went out of business because of the hype. Animal mistreatment would still occur. Being a vegan isn't realistic for a lot of people. My advice if you truly want to do something in order to help the mistreatment of animals, and the ethics behind the production of animal based products, talk to the lawmakers. Here is an example, of a petition that was signed by the people and sent to law makers. Push it in our local government, and make it an issue so that our lawmakers can change, and make certain requirements so that animals are treated humanely. But if you eat bacon and ice cream, please do us all a favor and stop wasting our time complaining about UGG's production and their inhumane treatment of sheep. But the truth is that not buying UGG's simply won't cut it.  Nor do I think it is fair to put the spotlight on UGG without pointing out the problems with the entire animal production industry as a whole.

-reliably yours till blog do us part. <3

UPDATE: Info from UGG about animal treatment.

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