Let's Talk About Sex: Volume I

WOO WOO! I'm so glad to introduce my new blog series "Let's Talk About Sex". Each volume will have a different topic, and will be featured randomly throughout my blog. As always thank you for reading! Now let's talk about sex! :*

This volume will be about introducing sex toys into your sex life/spicing it up with existing ones. So sex toys in short are amazing. I know some of you are thinking "Uhm who hasn't used them?". I would of said the same thing a month ago, but let me tell you from recent experience one of my girlfriends had no clue what a cock ring was. I was surprised but you know not that many people put the sex store on their shopping list. For many they think it's awkward or what not. I mean I don't. Sex is wonderful, and should be enjoyed thoroughly, and safely of course. I definitely did not the awkward bone when it came to sex. I have no problem talking about it. BEFORE we talk about anything sexual I would like to encourage everyone to have safe sex, and practice the proper birth control methods. Birth control doesn't protect you from STD's, if you are not in a committed monogamous relationship please protect yourself and future partners by using a condom. Sex is no fun if you leave with an STD, or an unwanted pregnancy or sometimes both. Remember when you sleep with someone without a condom you are sleeping with everyone they have ever slept with, and their partners, and so on and so forth! Let's break this down into two parts, first we'll talk about introducing sex toys into the bedroom, and secondly if you already have them actively how to spice up what you already have.

Now for the good stuff:) There are a lot of varieties of sex toys, to meet and the fit the pleasurable needs of many different types of people varying on many different levels "freakyness". Sex can definitely become a monotonous job without introducing some sort of sex toys, or at least some sort of variety. So if you are looking to spice up your sex life, where do you start? Well a great way to start without using sex toys, is using a sex position calender. You can find these at a lot of places, oddly enough the best ones I have seen have been at Urban Outfitters. You can also find them online via Amazon, if you are worried about discretion. Sex calenders are a great way to break the ice, because you don't have to feel awkward or like your partner is judging you if you want to try something a little freaky and new. It is also good if you are trying to see what your partner likes, but you aren't brave enough to ask. If you are bored with positions or you have established that you and your partner would both like to take it to the next level. Mild sex toys would definitely be a good start. Beginner sex toys/items could include flavored lubrication (pure romance makes a great one that is butter scotch flavored and warms up with the heat of your mouth). Another great start would be non-vibrating cock rings. Finally you can try adding a pre-sex massage, or amping up your foreplay.

If you already have sex toys but you are becoming bored with the ones you already have, try using the different settings if you use a vibrator. A lot of the times, there is a certain setting that people like and they get stuck on that one. You can try to introduce the sex toy at a different point of sex, if you always use it at the beginning try to build up some anticipation by using it at the end, or vice versa. If you find yourself using your toys most every time you have sex, a great way to stop that monotony of them is to by not using them. Don't forget sex can be just as great when you don't use a toy. You don't always have to use one every time you have sex, don't rely on them. Monotony/boredom doesn't always mean it sucks. It just means your over doing the same thing, give that toy a break and try something new. If you have used your toy the the fullest, then it is probably time to head to the sex store;) If you haven't already try taking your partner with you to the sex store, it can be a fun experience picking out something new together! The car ride home will definitely build anticipation:)

The biggest thing to remember is that if you are having sex with someone, they are already seeing in your most vulnerable state. Don't feel awkward or uncomfortable voicing your needs. If you are in a relationship, and your partner maybe isn't into a couple of things you like try to meet those needs. Chances are they probably aren't into everything you like either. It is definitely a give, and a take. If your partner wants to try something new, be open to at least trying it. If you already tried it, and didn't like it maybe try since it would be with someone new. Being open with your partner about your sexual needs, whether you want to stop at a cock ring, or go all the way to a gag ball will ensure that you have a must better sex life. Whether you like it rough and hard, or soft and slow the biggest thing is to make sure you are on the same page. In return it can definitely improve your overall relationship. You don't have to be a freak to have a great sex life, or a great relationship. Sex is about meeting your most intimate desires, with another person whatever they may be:)

-reliably yours till blog do us part <3

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