Let's Talk About Sex: Volume II

It's that time again! Since (judging by the views and my Facebook inbox) my first installment was such a hit, it is back by popular demand! With that being said let's dive right into sex;) This topic because it is Valentine's day, will be all about LIMITING YOUR PARTNERS. Single people go out on Valentine's day to have a one night stand. That oh so wonderful holiday that rolls around once a year to remind us. That even though honey boo boo's mom is taken, YOU my friend are STILL single. Yeah. Let that sink in. SO. Being sexually active is wonderful duh,  I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy the thrill of having sex with someone new. But a lot of people become either bored, let down, or they just want something new out of a sexual partner. Which instead of shaking things up they find someone new. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing if you are doing this maybe once a year. However on a regular consistent basis this is just not a good idea for a various amount of reasons.

Firstly, sleeping with a various amount of people can obviously increase your chances of getting an STD. Treat your body as a temple you, I need not to remind you that you only have one. Secondly, some of the best sex is with someone you have a decent connection with. I personally have a two real legitimate one night stands. One was down right awful, I was planning my vacation during the whole endeavor. The second was pretty awesome, but it certainly wasn't the best I have ever had but whatever. PERSONALLY. Some of the best sex I have had has been with someone I have had a connection with. PAUSE. This is not to be confused with love. Great sex doesn't mean being in love, or making love. Though both do make for amazing sex, neither are required for great sex.
Limiting your partners means that you are able to have your cake and eat it to. I would sometimes go months without a boyfriend. Which was fine except for one thing. That meant, sex came few far and in between. So that's when I had my first one night stand. I had fun, but I'm really not about that life (germaphobe problems). In order to fulfill my sexual needs, without turning into a street side prostitute I decided I would start to recycle my previous lovers. Yes recycling is not just great for the environment, but great for your sexual health:)

I typically stay friends with all my exes. Not in a romantic way, or in hopes that we would get back together, or even for the sex, but I really enjoyed their company while we were dating so it was nice to keep them around as a friend. !DISCLAIMER! This will only work ladies mostly (you know who you are crazy town), and some men. IF and only IF you are able to separate love from sex. For most this is impossible. BUT. For some like myself, which I guess is the man in me. I can sleep with someone without falling in love with them, or wanting to be with them. A lot of this has to do with me being such an honest person, not only with myself, but with others. If I go into something knowing that we won't have a relationship I am totally fine just being romantically involved. The only time being intimate with someone has lead me to falling for them, was when the douche flat out led me on and led me to believe we were in a legitimate relationship (That's a whole notha blog). If you are able to separate love from sex then an ex is a perfect recycling partner. Because they already know what you like, no commitment, no strings attached. Honesty is the best policy here. This will also only work if you had a good relationship, and things ended on a non rocky way or amicably. You have to be honest with each other up front and let one another know that you are only available while you both are single, and only exclusively sleeping with each other. Should that change the deal is off. This personally worked perfectly for me. You don't want to be with each other, but you aren't ready for another relationship, but you don't want to dry up like a desert. You're in the in between.

If however you don't think that is a possibility, extended one night stands are the way to go as well. I guess you couldn't call one of my two one night stands a real one night stands. Actually now that I think about it both. Because both of them I continued to see after the first night. I could of easily gone off to something else. But I just really don't like the idea of sleeping with a high volume of people. If an extended one night stand is not for you. The friends with benefits route could be for you. But beware the same issues that could arise from sleeping with an ex, they could also arise by sleeping with an already existing friend.
Recycling your partners is great. It keeps your numbers low, and reduces risk of sexually transmitted diseases that aren't always protected by condoms. You don't have to worry about getting to know your partner, or acting like a skank poo at a night club to attract decent ass. Better yet, play Russian roulette by taking someone home that may not be good, not to mention the dangers. It's great if you are in between relationships. It's also great if you are not ready, or you just don't currently want a relationship. It's only a phone call away, and you don't have to worry about break ups. So long as there is no love attraction, things won't get messy. You don't have to take a chance sleeping with a random, with an awkward guilt tripped morning. So of course every one's (well most everyone) goal is to keep their numbers low. This can be a great way to do so without sacrificing all of your morals, risking your sexual health, or turning into a raging bitch maniac because you haven't gotten any in months. I hope this was helpful, and that you guys decide to limit those partners, by recycling some of your old ones! Stay safe, and have great sex!

-Reliably yours till blog do us part <3

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