The reason for this post isn't to discuss whether or not I agree, or disagree with the decision the Grand Jury made last night in relation to Ferguson. Nor is it to make a stance of agreement, or disagreement or the riots both peaceful and non. It is to express my opinion on those who think that their hypocritical non-sense will be tolerated in my life. If you agree with the decision, and don't agree with the riots that is fine. This country is free to opinions of all kinds. In fact I thrive off of varying opinions, they help me see the world with more clarity and help lift the fog of things I don't understand. Something I have always strived to do in my own personal life is to understand it doesn't mean I have to agree however. I truly do believe this world would be a better place, if more people understood. I personally won't tolerate prejudice, ignorance, or racism from anyone of any race, creed, sex, or age demographic. Whether it is you directly, or allowing the people around you to say things. Family or friend alike.

Close mindedness does not allow for that understanding however, and only breeds more fog in the already hazy fray of a looming or already raging storm. It snowballs into fear, hate, and ignorance likely handed down from generation to generation. To detail examples of this I would like to reference some posts I saw on my personal Facebook page, comments such as "they are at it again", "they are the animals I knew they were", "their ignorant riots", "get out of OUR country" and my personal favorite "they make this country look like a third world nation, I'm glad one less one dead and justice was served for the cop". Let me first say that the words didn't surprise me, what shocked me was that they were coming from people I consider friends. Stop trying to use ambiguity and hiding behind the word "they " we all know who you're talking about if you're going to say it say it with pride. If you want to prove a point, putting yourself on the same playing field already puts your opinion at a disadvantage.

I encourage varying opinions I believe it is the only way we can move forward as human beings. Moreover, adding a bit of understanding and humility will further your opinion and possibly radiate to make a change. It will also separate your opinion from the uneducated to become educated. Use your voice in a constructive way, use your opinion to bring understanding not to further distort, and fuel tension and hate.Wanting to kill law enforcement, or destroy the flag is not the answer. Responding to that with ignorant  racial slurs, non-backed up opinions that are destructive, and purposeless only permeates that position. There are plenty of peaceful protests that are of course not highlighted by the media.There are also people of all colors participated in the non-violent ones. This is more than race, this is a profound opportunity for our generation to change and to bring light to a very dark situation. I hope that we are able to not focus on the extremes, that racism or the violence, it only muddies our few to success. I hope that we can take this time to come together, put aside race, and bring to light the changes that need to be made to ensure safety and justice for all. I encourage everyone to focus on the task at hand. What the media potrays is a fraction of reality. I encourage everyone to not take what the media of any outlet says at face value. But I guess I'm only dreaming.

-Reliably yours till blog do us part.