Breastfeeding Mama's Need an Award

NO. I am not mother shaming. Every mother is fighting a battle of their own and I'm not here to judge, or say one way is better than the other BUT. Breastfeeding is HARD ASS WORK. I often think how easy it is to grab a bottle, and shake some powder and pop it in their mouth. Wala they are fed. So much so if I knew what I knew now I would have made the same decision to breastfeed BUT I would have thought about it much longer, and harder. I am in no way complaining I love breastfeeding, I adore watching my son grow with the nourishment solely provided by me. I feel blessed to produce a surplus of milk. But like all things there are challenges and I'm here to point those out, and tell you what no one told me:) Here are the Top 5 things (in no particular order) that make breastfeeding so difficult.

1. It's Like Being Pregnant Again

I remember being so excited to give birth and go back to eating what I wanted, or not feeling guilty for slipping up and eating junk food. Have a drink. Yeah, in those aspects I'm still pregnant. When I was pregnant I was constantly thinking about water intake, quality food intake etc. This has barely changed since I have given birth. It takes work for your body to produce breastmilk, a lot of work. That means a surplus of calories and good ones. There's no sleeping in and skipping breakfast, plopping out of bed in time for lunch. Skip a meal you'll see it in the form of supply reduction. Water. Holy water. I drink more fucking water then a fucking camel, and I never pee because it all goes to make the milk. Which tells me as much water as I'm drinking it's still not enough which is INSANE. So that carefree attitude as far as what goes into my body has not changed. It's good and bad.

2. You Can't Have a Drink In Peace

You thought you were going to enjoy a drink post pregnancy? Hahaha no -_-. Until your child becomes predictable, so long are the days of kicking up and having a glass of champs. Now you must time your alcohol, have only ONE glass. Don't even eye that second one. It's a well planned and thought out process. Not nearly as fun :/

3. No One Can Help You  

With formula anyone you wish can help you, you can leave the house for the day if you wish, go relax for a virtually infinite period of time, take a post partum spa day. Your husband can take the night shift, Dolly (My mother) can feed while I nap, etc. With breastfeeding the biggest break you'll ever get is in between feedings. This has got to be one of the hardest things, and number one thing I over looked. When you are breastfeeding you have got to have a great support system. Since I am responsible for all feedings, my husband changes all the diapers, and 75% of the time is responsible  for getting the baby back to sleep. Yeah no one told me about not being about to use a bottle for at least six weeks. Damn you nipple confusion. Oh when they cluster feed you and your nipples get no break, which leads me to number four.

4. Cracked, Sore, Bloody Nipples

Don't worry with the right cream this is fixable, and they'll go back to looking normal thank God. Breastfeeding hurts especially in the early days, you just might cry with every suckle your child makes. But as your child learns to latch properly, and your nipples adjust it will get much better. It will never not be "painful" just significantly less painful.

5. You Now Have Two Periods

 So long are the days of sleeping in the nude, unless you want to wake up in a puddle of leche. Say goodbye to braless days. Hate wearing a pads weekly every month? Get ready for two extra pads daily! Leaky boobs are so much fun said no woman ever. Sometimes I just feel like Swiss cheese.

*Honorable Mention: No Pacifier

Woo. This one doesn't need an explanation. Just imagine every time you give your child a pacifier, not. 

On The Flip- 5 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Is Worth The Difficulty 

1. It's Free! - Is there anything better in the world?
2. You know exactly what you are feeding your child, and where it comes from! Which for me is EVERYTHING.
3. The poops are so very easy.
4. Watching your child grow with nourishment you solely provided to them. Breastmilk is powerful, you don't see body builders taking shots of formula. Just sayin'.
5. Getting your pre-pregnancy body back very quickly. It's natures treadmill.

-Until blog do us part.